The publication of the “Acting Archives Essays” began in April 2011. The essays are published as “Supplements” to the “Acting Archives Review” and are covered by the same copyright.
The “Acting Archives Essays” section includes both works on theories of acting in the various historical periods  (the series “Theory of Acting”), and works that focus on specific figures or themes, in order to present new interpretations or difficultly available documents.

When published, each essay is listed among the “New Entries” whose list appears on the first page of the “Essays” section. The essays can be consulted by clicking on “Contents” and searching by title or author, or by clicking on “Centuries” and selecting the century of interest. When the essay deals with more than one century it is listed again for each century.

The “Attachments” of each essay, besides the information on the author, may contain documents related to the topic of the essay.

The Italian version of each essay, unless its copyright does not belong to the “Acting Archives” is found in the attachments.



Acting Archives Essays. Acting Archives Review Supplement

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